You’re ready to make your dream home exactly the way you’ve always envisioned it…but you worry that your designer won’t understand what you’re trying to create. Or that you won’t be able to envision the end results based on the plans and material swatches along the way and it won’t look they way you’d imagined it would.

We understand that can be both overwhelming and intimidating, especially when you’re making an investment in your home. That’s why we’re committed to clear communication, excellent design, and sophisticated software to help you visualize every single decision so that there aren’t any surprises.

This process can be enjoyable with transparency and attention to detail. Let’s make your home beautiful.


3D Mock-Ups

While floor plans and sketches are always part of the design process, we also use 3D renderings to help you better envision what the space will look like upon completion. You’ll get a better sense of how the light will bounce in a room, and how certain materials will look once they’re all put together.


Refining the Details

There are hundreds of decisions that go into designing a kitchen. From hardware to tile, counter tops to lights, we’ll show you various options to so you can choose just the right details for your taste and style without overwhelming you in the process.


Lighting Design

Nothing influences the feel of a home quite like lighting. The right lighting makes everything feel warm and inviting. The wrong lighting is instantly noticeable, so we spent plenty of time getting the lights just right, consulting either our in-house team or another lighting professional. From mood boards to find the perfect fixture, to 3D renders of how the lights will fill the space, we’re thoughtful about every detail.


Custom Displays & ART Shelving

Many clients have art that deserves a special place so that it is both protected and able to be enjoyed. We often create custom display cabinets, built-ins, or shelves to display art in a way that create an elegant, safe space for unique and treasured pieces.


Tile Design

Choosing the ideal colors, textures, and patterns for the tiles in your home is an important part of the design process as these details will set the tone for spaces you spend lots of time in, like kitchens and bathrooms. From subtle neutrals to creative, bold patterns, we’ll select the right combination to create a style you’ll love.


Custom Furniture Design

After finding this antique chest at an estate sale, we created a design to transform it into a unique coffee table. Restoring and preserving the gorgeous design, we added a thick glass top to add a modern touch as well as making it easier to care for.


Color and Material SElection

From chunky wool throws to a pretty tile backsplash, we love finding gorgeous colors, textures, and materials to make your house unique and perfect for you. We source from high-quality, eco-conscious companies as well as local artisans to create elegant, comfortable spaces that you’ll love for years to come.